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002; i'll follow you until you love me

[Joey]: Come on, let's go, Pacey. It's your boat we're planning on christening.
[Pacey]: I own a boat?
[Joey]: Now, we have to stop doing this it's wrong.
[Pacey]: Yes, deadly.
[Joey]: Pacey... Look, we've been in denial all week. When we're around other people we pretend like nothing's changed and the minute we're alone it turns into this...
[Pacey]: This what?
[Joey]: Well, this...embarrassing gropefest.
[Pacey]: Yeah, I guess this is kind of embarrassing huh? Especially for you, given how much you protested.
[Joey]: I did not protest.
[Pacey]: You did, too. ...Wait, wait, wait, wait.

[Joey]: What?
[Pacey]: I gotta tell him, Jo. We do, we gotta tell him. As soon as possible, because the longer we wait, Jo, the worse it gets.
[Joey]: I know, Pacey. I've tried. I-I've tried plenty of times.
[Pacey]: Every time I see the guy now, I just feel like-
[Joey]: Look, you don't have to bother filling in the expletive, okay? I mean, this isn't exactly the easiest thing I've ever had to do, Pacey - telling Dawson that while he wasn't looking I developed this bizarre gravitational pull towards his best friend and I can't stop thinking about him or wanting to be near him or wanting to kiss him all the time.

[Pacey]: I'll do it.
[Joey]: What?
[Pacey]: I'll tell him.
[Joey]: No, I can't let you do that it's... This is my responsibility-
[Pacey]: Jo, it's not your responsibility, I'm the one that started this, remember? I'm the one that got you into this situation and, frankly, the only way that I wanna save my friendship with Dawson is to be completely honest with him so I gotta do this. All I need is one day. Just one day.
[Joey]: One day.
[Pacey]: Yes. One. Day.
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Deleted comment

Thank you! I love your picspams, so I'm really glad you like this one haha! :D This scene is one of my absolute favourites of theirs'.
THIS SCENE is the reason i always wanted to watch dawson's creek. SOMEBODY SHOULD FORCE ME TO SIT DOWN AND WATCH.
Anyway, fabulour picspam bb! :D
OMG YOU HAVEN'T SEEN DAWSON'S CREEK YET? it's classic. someone needs to tie you down lol.

thanks, hun!
i really love this scene though this is not y fav ep coz it is so sad but at least we got this epic scene<33
I love it, too! And you're right - it's too bad everything got all messed up later :( Thanks for commenting!
Great picspam! It's such a little scene but full of so much kissing happiness that turns to angst. I love them ♥

I always thought they should have told Dawson together, but I guess that was far too sensible and anti-climatic :D
Thank you! I really love this scene too, obviously. It's definitely in my Top 3 for Pacey/Joey scenes.

Haha you're right! That's what they should've done. But all the bumps in the road made their ending that much better!

Deleted comment

I love this scene, too! It's one of my favourites. Thank you!
Aw, great picspam! I love this couple, is my favourite ♥
Well, thanks so much! They're definitely one of my favourite TV couples, as well. How can anyone not like them? ♥
aww this is so gorgeous i love your coloring! makes me wish i watched this show!
awww glad you like it, bb. thank you! and omg, you haven't seen dawson's creek? wow. it's the best! it's classic 90's.
can you believe i've never watched an episode of dawson's creek in my life? ah. i fail :p this pic spam is pretty though xD i have a feeling that if i watched it, i'd totally ship those two.
wow, i can't believe so many people haven't seen it! sure, it's true that no teenagers really talk that way, but it's fun and frothy and ridiculous and classic 90's! WATCH IT! :P


10 years ago

Great picspam.
What an angsty episode, I love it. Such a sad ending!
Thanks so much!

It was such a sad ending, I agree! But they wind up together in the end, so all the angst is worth it IMO.


10 years ago

i so miss them!!!
ive been watching dawsons creek, s3 and 4 lately just to see them!!!!

i miss them, too!

Re-runs have been playing this week and I decided to make a little picspam of an amazing(ly cute) scene.

Deleted comment

thanks for the comment! i love them, too <3
awesome picspam<3333. I really loved that episode. Season 3 was the best. P/J were simply fantastic.
thank you so much! i loved it, too!